Students' FAQs

To start, go to and then log in using the username and password that was given to you by your school.
Learning Index depends on two factors that are difficulty level and cognitive level and the algorithm is designed to calculate the score based on the responses of the students. For example, if a student answers a difficult application based question correctly, his learning index will increase but if he answers an easy knowledge-based question incorrectly, his learning index will decrease.
No, it is not dependent on time. We do record the time in which a student has completed a topic but it has no effect on the Learning Index.
Lx score will increase after attempting the first five questions.
On your dashboard, you can see the recently attempted topics, and if you haven’t finished the topics then you can directly continue from your dashboard. You can even see the graphical comparison of attempted topics.
Username and password are provided to you by your school. If you encounter any problem while logging in, message us at
Yes, our table of contents is based on the coursebook.
Currently, LMS only measures learning gaps in Mathematics and Science for class IV to VIII.
Questions repeat until you answer them correctly. This is done to ensure that the students retain the information and learn a topic thoroughly.
To start the assessment, go to the left side of the page, click on the table of contents> subject>Unit>chapter>topic and start your assessment.
Please refresh the page and submit again.