Teachers' FAQs

A Learning Item (LI) consists of a Learning Resource (LR), multiple Assessment Items (AIs), and an explanation. An LR is a hint on which the AIs are based. It is presented in an infographic format. Instead of asking a question directly, we ask a question through multiple progression of steps that are AIs. One LI identifies a learning gap of the student.
A Learning Index is the measure of Learning Outcome.
Learning Index depends on two factors that are difficulty and cognitive level and the algorithm is designed to calculate scores based on the responses of the students. For example, if a student answers a difficult and application-based question correctly, his learning index will increase but if he answers an easy and knowledge-based question incorrectly, his learning index will decrease.
No, it is not dependent on time. We do record the time in which a student has completed a topic but it has no effect on the Learning Index.
Though our product is not recognized by any educational board as of yet but we use Educational theories such as Psychological Stages of Competence, Algorithmic Adaptability, Inquiring Based Learning, and Bloom’s Taxonomy that are well recognized by the education boards.
It takes about 40 to 45 minutes to conduct one session.
We give you a detailed report about the class performance. You would get to know which students are struggling and what are their learning gaps.
You will get instant reports on your dashboard and detailed reports will be sent through email on a weekly basis.
LMS uses Artificial Intelligence to gather data. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to measure the performance of individual students. Hence, the analysis is pretty accurate.
LMS uses Learning Item and Learning Index to measure the learning. Each Learning Item is based on a single concept. If a child makes multiple incorrect attempts on the LI (Learning Item), our system identifies the learning gaps of the child.
A teacher can assign topics to students through the teacher’s dashboard after completing the chapter. It can be done by just a single click.
Yes, if teachers want, they can add questions and even make assignments or unit tests on the panel.
Yes, our LMS can be used to conduct tests.
We have a team of dedicated staff members with rich experience in academic background. Not only that we have many teachers working for us as freelancers who edit and proofread the study material.
Yes, our table of contents is based on the coursebook.
Currently, LMS only measures learning gaps in Mathematics and Science for class IV to VIII.